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MoralMeaning.com is the website for reference, application, and discussion of Moral Meaning. It is also home for the Moral Meaning Program ("MMP") and its associates and affiliates.

Purposefulness is a key attribute of joyful and successful people and the lack of purpose lies at the heart (or soul) of many “ailments”. Similarly, it is the search for meaning (or meaningfulness) which underlies many successful “therapies” or “self-improvement” theories. Purposefulness and meaningfulness are closely intertwined – it is generally recognized that one finds meaningfulness through finding and fulfillment of purpose. Given the wide acceptance of the importance of both meaningfulness and purposefulness it seems odd that we have such poor methods for ascertaining or assessing either.  It is our hope to change this situation.

From this page you may easily access information about our organization, its people, and its programs. We are also building a reference library of related material, offer some links to related web sites, and provide an online forum (Blog) for relevant discussion. Just use the buttons on the left to access the indicated subject or heading. 

Thanks for joining us in pursuit of Moral Meaning!


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This is Moral Meaning's Home Page. It was first posted on 11-20-2012.

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